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  Do you have a story and photo you would like to share about your  adopted pup or dog?  We're looking for some laughs, maybe some tears, how they have changed your life, how they have touched your heart.  We will post your photo on our home page and story to the Your Adoption Story page to share with all of our visitors.  Maybe, just maybe, you'll inspire someone to share their life with a homeless dog. Please send a photo and your story to: OhioPuppyRescue@aol.com  


 Your Donations Help Support Our Community Projects

2013 was a year of great success and impact on the community through Ohio Puppy Rescue and Central Ohio Dog Rescue League efforts.   

*****Ohio Puppy Rescue Spay/Neuter Fund continues to focus primarily on our partnership with Pikes Friends, Pike Co. Humane Association, Shawnee Animal Hospital to provide free spay and neutering.  Our efforts have a "no questions asked" service to Pike and Scioto Counties for those who wish to have their dog altered.  The word has spread to several residents of these Counties who joined the efforts to stop unwanted dogs in their Counties.  In 2014, we will begin partnerships in Franklin County to provide free alters to pit bulls and black dogs, two of the types of the dogs euthanized at local shelters.

 *****We  request a "Pay It Forward" commitment from all who adopt a mill survivor.  This means that each person in the family promises to learn about puppy mills and tells at least one person about what they learned.

 *****We began a close relationship with Central Ohio Dog Rescue League and adopted the group as our sister organization under a DBA.  In 2013, we began joining talents and experiences to work with local organizations who focus on shutting down breeders who don't provide humane conditions and medical treatment to companion animals.   We also focused attention on rescuing pets no longer wanted by their families and dumped off at local shelters.

In order to continue our efforts in supporting our community, the rescue community, and the pet over population, additional funding is required. We need continuous and generous donations in order to sustain our life-changing work into 2014 and future years.  Please consider a donation to enable our work to continue.  Donations can be made by adopting one of our wonderful rescues, donate through your Community Giving programs at your workplace or directly by sending a monetary gift through
PayPal.  If you wish to send a check or money order, please contact us via email for details.


Kurt and Melissa

Puppy mill rescue, Kurt, and his Mom,  Melissa McCrady,
WTMJ-TV Anchor/Reporter

King Louie

Puppy mill rescue, King Louie, and his Mom,  

Jennifer Bates, NYCO Soprano

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Message From: Patty R. December 3, 2011
I just wanted to say that I think what all of you do for all the dogs you help is just great! It makes you all very, very special people! Thank you!!!

Message From: Sandra September 18, 2011
Here's an update on Phoenix (formerly Jasper), the Papillon I adopted from Ohio Puppy Rescue. Phoenix was rescued and set on the road to recovery from several health issues by the loving and generous foster parents at OPR. Since we adopted him, he has gained 2 1/2 lbs, his coat is thickening, and he has become a beloved member of our family. I suffer Myoclonus seizures (the type where you don't lose consciousness), and Phoenix seems to know when a seizure is coming & alerts me. He stays with me through the seizure and then we go on about our play and cuddling. I seriously and earnestly encourage everyone to consider adoption. Adopting Phoenix has been a total joy.

Message From: Sandra August 14, 2011
I adopted "Jasper" a couple of weeks ago. He is a delightful Papillon whose new name is Phoenix. He works hard at charming all the neighbors on our morning & evening walks. He also loves to cuddle in my lap whenever I'm rocking in my rocking chair. He's playful and affectionate - a total joy. I think I'll never be able to thank OPR enough for rescuing him so that I could give him a forever home.

Message From: Connie August 11, 2011
Amos is a wonderful little guy. He's very energetic, loves to play and cuddle. He seem's to be very smart, or maybe I am just a proud "parent"! He loves everyone and has " dog friends" of all ages and sizes. His enthusiasm is not always appreciated by the older dogs, as he is a "get in your face", "I'm so happy to see you kind of guy! I would not hesitate to adopt another dog from OPR, he has filled a great void after the loss of my first dog.

Message From: Bell April 11, 2011
I'm glad to have found your site. I've been looking closely and researching about puppies, puppy mills and cost of having a dog. I live in Central Ohio and when I am ready to have a pup, I will be here looking everyday at what you have rescued. Thank you for doing the right thing.

Message From: Ashley Age 12 February 1, 2011
Ohio Puppy Rescue-- My family and I had adopted a puppy named Nick, and now he is named Cheif. We have had him for a little while now, but I wanted to thank you for allowing us to adopt him! He is the best friend I could ever have, thank you. i am only 12, but i am sooo happy! Thank You Ashley Ellis

Message From: judyhubb January 29, 2011
I love seeing a place that cares enough to give homes to these neglected and abused animals. I wish I could take them all,but I am praying for you and that all the animals that come in will be placed soon after they come in. Thank you for caring.

Message From: judyhubb January 29, 2011
I am so happy to see someone taking the time to help these poor animals. I want to adopt one and hope the rest get adopted soon. Animals make a big difference in your life. I can attest to that.

Message From: Liz January 6, 2011
It's a treat knowing that my donation went to a truly worthy cause (and I got to take Evan home). I'll be back for another pup soon and will gladly pay the small price that you ask. Wish I could do more (like help foster), but I live a couple hundred miles from your site.

Message From: Diane K.Ponstren Koeon December 20, 2010
I have a mill rescue of my own and work with a Northeast Ohio group (Marilyn's Voice). My heart cries for these dear babies and I want to get another rescue soon. I have 2 great dogs now, but room in my heart for more!

Message From: chuck c. December 4, 2010

Message From: Mary Jean November 18, 2010
We just Adopted Chrissy, She is a Doll. We renamed her Sally Mae. We just love here.

Message From: Rosa October 22, 2010
Our family lost our beloved Westie to a congenital heart disease almost 2 years ago. We are now ready to consider adopting again and are grateful for your service.

Message From: (Private) August 22, 2010
keep up the great work!

Message From: Melissa August 3, 2010
I am from WA state and ran across some of your puppies on petfinder.com. I went to your website to have a look around. It looks like you play a very positive role in your community. It warmed my heart :) Keep up the hard, but good work!

Message From: Ashley B. July 13, 2010
I just love your little Aussie pups! I have a 10 year-old Aussie mix and she is the love of my life :-) I really admire you all for taking in the puppies despite their special needs, the world needs more people like you.

Message From: Wanda May 23, 2010
Some "rescue" sites are better than others. This one seems to be one of the very best! I just completed my application to adopt one of your little "angels". Every living being needs love......what a good place to start! Blessings!

Message From: Tannesha April 16, 2010
Love your site! Hope the pups get great homes.

Message From: Barb Sims March 18, 2010
I truly think what you do makes you angels! I wish all the time I had the room and time to help just as you do. Thank You for helping those who cant help themselves!

Message From: Linda March 1, 2010
From the looks of this you are doing a great job

Message From: Stephanie February 21, 2010
Wonderful pets I am looking for a dog and would like to adopt from a shelter.

Message From: Candy January 31, 2010
Hello. This is my first foray into the Puppy Rescue realm. I have purchased dogs from the Humane Society and from Breeders. This time I wanted to help out a puppy that needed me. I am looking forward to adopting a puppy soon. Thanks for the opportunity.

Message From: Angela January 23, 2010
Lovely animals. I have been searching for a dog to add to our family. I loved your puppys and will soon be making a 3hr trip to see them.

Message From: Susan November 12, 2009
Thank you Bonnie for being the kind of person who loves animals. I check the web site daily to see who is needing a home and loving family. The life that OPR gives these little sweethearts is wonderful. I adopted my little Snowball in July and don't know what I would do without him now.

Message From: Kim Davidson October 29, 2009
Saving a puppy is like saving a child they just need love and attention.

Message From: Toni October 28, 2009
Blessed are the animal lovers. Blessed are the ones who rescue the animals for they shall see be comforted.

Message From: Connie October 27, 2009
I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the fact that OPR rescues these precious animals and are able to find them great homes. Most of my pets are and have been rescues. You can love them as much as the animals you purchase from breeders, plus you are saving a life and helping an animal who has most of the time been neglected, mistreated and even hurt by previous owners. I rescued a Cockapoo from the streets, one of the smartest dogs I've ever had. She had mange and was pregnant; and killed the neighbor's chickens! No one wanted her. But, she was easily treated and recovered quicikly, all puppies placed, and behavior modified by just loving her and working with her. She was a very quick learner. Simple spaying helped tremendously! Then everyone wanted her! Pet rescues have already taken care of these things. I now have two Chihuahuas who were also rescued off the streets, one is quite old now. Both were severely neglected; one had a broken leg and crushed pelvis, the other had almost no hair and open sores on the skin. Both were easily treated. They are absolutely precious! I couldn't have hand picked better pets. There were also many more very delightful rescues. All it takes is understanding and patience to train an animal and make him/her the pet of your dreams. I just want to encourage those who are thinking about adopting a rescue dog or puppy to go ahead and adopt. The adoption fee is very well spent and very reasonable. The rescue organization is not making a profit. You would spend more if you bought the pet from a breeder with added expenses of vet visits, including spay/neuter charges, which , by the way have sky rocketed! Plus the organization/foster is already addressing behavioral issues, i.e. housetraining, shyness, aggression and other issues. They can tell you much more about the pet's personality than you can learn from a breeder. The most important thing is you are saving a life. You will not regret it! - Connie B

Message From: Beverly October 26, 2009
All your little dogs are so sweet and luvable! I am hardpressed to narrow it down to one!

Message From: Dawn Claytor, Treas, Pike County Humane Society October 23, 2009
This is a great site. Hope we may be able to collaborate with your organization.

Message From: January August 20, 2009
Little dogs are the best!

Message From: mary August 7, 2009
My husband and I adopted Marta (now know as Ellie) on 8/6/09. We've only had her one day, and she has totally captured our hearts. Bonnie was so wonderful to work with. We felt an immediate connection with her, and could feel how much she loves what she is doing.

Message From: Kim Lynch February 6, 2009
Would love to see pictures or get any updates from Beanie's siblings who were rescued from the Athens County shelter. Loved hearing and seeing pictures of Tressel, nka Molly. Thanks!

Message From: Colin November 26, 2008
Beanie is the BEST!

Message From: Alison August 5, 2008
Louie is a special guy that was rescued by a wonderful person. We can't thank Bonnie enough for allowing us to share our lives with him. Thank you for what you do!

Message From: Steve July 24, 2008
We adopted Penny through Ohio Puppy Rescue, and couldn't be more delighted -- She's such a sweetheart! We are happy to recommend OPR to friends looking to adopt.

Message From: Darla July 2, 2008
We adopted Toley from OPR earlier this week. Our family loves him so much and we really appreciate how professional and helpful Bonnie was. Toley is a wonderful addition to our family. We will refer people to OPR in the future! The Minamyer Family- Dublin, Ohio

Message From: Donna May 20, 2008
We adopted Buddie thru Ohio Puppy Rescue just about a month or so ago, and oh boy do we LOVE him! He was family right away, and Bonnie was just fabulous to work with. Hoping we get to work together again soon!

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