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  Do you have a story and photo you would like to share about your  adopted pup or dog?  We're looking for some laughs, maybe some tears, how they have changed your life, how they have touched your heart.  We will post your photo on our home page and story to the Your Adoption Story page to share with all of our visitors.  Maybe, just maybe, you'll inspire someone to share their life with a homeless dog. Please send a photo and your story to: OhioPuppyRescue@aol.com  


 Your Donations Help Support Our Community Projects

2013 was a year of great success and impact on the community through Ohio Puppy Rescue and Central Ohio Dog Rescue League efforts.   

*****Ohio Puppy Rescue Spay/Neuter Fund continues to focus primarily on our partnership with Pikes Friends, Pike Co. Humane Association, Shawnee Animal Hospital to provide free spay and neutering.  Our efforts have a "no questions asked" service to Pike and Scioto Counties for those who wish to have their dog altered.  The word has spread to several residents of these Counties who joined the efforts to stop unwanted dogs in their Counties.  In 2014, we will begin partnerships in Franklin County to provide free alters to pit bulls and black dogs, two of the types of the dogs euthanized at local shelters.

 *****We  request a "Pay It Forward" commitment from all who adopt a mill survivor.  This means that each person in the family promises to learn about puppy mills and tells at least one person about what they learned.

 *****We began a close relationship with Central Ohio Dog Rescue League and adopted the group as our sister organization under a DBA.  In 2013, we began joining talents and experiences to work with local organizations who focus on shutting down breeders who don't provide humane conditions and medical treatment to companion animals.   We also focused attention on rescuing pets no longer wanted by their families and dumped off at local shelters.

In order to continue our efforts in supporting our community, the rescue community, and the pet over population, additional funding is required. We need continuous and generous donations in order to sustain our life-changing work into 2014 and future years.  Please consider a donation to enable our work to continue.  Donations can be made by adopting one of our wonderful rescues, donate through your Community Giving programs at your workplace or directly by sending a monetary gift through
PayPal.  If you wish to send a check or money order, please contact us via email for details.


Kurt and Melissa

Puppy mill rescue, Kurt, and his Mom,  Melissa McCrady,
WTMJ-TV Anchor/Reporter

King Louie

Puppy mill rescue, King Louie, and his Mom,  

Jennifer Bates, NYCO Soprano

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Your OPR Adoption Story

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Pretty well settled in here. The new pets are fine — a bit excitable and fussy, but I'm sure they'll calm down. They seem to have been trained already, so at least that's not a problem. They often have other pets over to play, and I surprise them by sneaking up, giving my biggest smile, and piddling on their shoes!  The neighborhood is very nice, I have the territory marked up already. There's a couple mean-looking mutts behind cages on the path, but I can be a bit smug as I go by walking one of the big ones.  The local squirrels and birds are a bit cocky.  They seem to have been having things their own way for a while, and need to learn who's boss.  I’m starting to teach them not to invade while I’m surveying my kingdom . . Looks like I landed on my paws here. Life is good.     

From Penny.

  Omar We just wanted to drop you an update of Omar.  He is now 30 lbs (almost exactly) and doing great.  He has the most unique personality.  We describe it as “AAO”, “All About Omar.”  He is fearless… he sleeps next to the running vacuum without a care in the world and he investigates everything as if it was put on the earth just for him.  We love the spunk, even if it is a struggle to remind him that he is a dog (and not supposed to be the top dog at that).  At six months old, the confidence is a challenge, but we know it will result in him being the most unique pup as he matures.  None of that report is to cause any misinterptation of our absolute love for the little guy.  It really is interesting to see him physically grow to match his larger-than-life personality.
Trey - now Dude

I just wanted to say Hi and let you know how happy I am.  I can't believe it has been 2 months since I moved in with my new family.   I have learned so many new things and I even like going to the vet now.  I was scared the first two times, but now I realize how nice they are and get to see all kinds of new friends like myself and I really like their dog biscuits.   I don't have to go back my mom says until I am 6 months old.  I love stuffed toys and my dad says I am all boy because I like to take the squeaker and stuffing out of my toys and then play with the skin.  It sure is alot of fun, but it sure makes a mess!  I like to sneak in the bathroom and unroll the toilet paper.  My parents just shake their head and tell me I shouldn't it's not good for me.  I love going for walks.  I was scared of the leash at first, but I like getting up with Mom when it's not raining in the morning and checking out the neighborhood and all the great smells!  I love my big brother, especially his toes and socks early in the morning!  He's not always happy with that, but he plays tug of war with me!  We have alot of fun!  He loves me and will snuggle when we are both tired.  I love my mom, my dad says I am a momma's  boy.  He just gets jealous sometimes and wants to play or hold me when mom has me.  I can truly say I am loved and happy!  My grandma comes to see me also and I love going to her house and sliding on the wood floors when I chase my ball or rope toy.  My family just laughs and it's alot of fun.  I hope my brothers and sisters are as loved as I am and having fun.  Please tell them Hi for me!

Love Dude


I just want to let ya’ll know that I’m doing fantastic.  I love my home, and my parents just adore me.  I’ve got them both wrapped around my little paw, that’s for sure.  I’ve changed so much since I got here!  I used to be scared of the big stairs in my house, but now I run up and down them all the time.  I can even get into and out of the car all by myself.  I just love going for rides and long walks.  Mom got me a sweater since it’s so cold outside.  I’m not really keen on wearing it, but I do it anyways to make her happy.  Dad calls me Otto the Destroyer cause I’m the biggest, baddest dog I’ve ever seen, and I let everyone know it when I meet them.  I’m getting ptty huge, if I do say so myself.  I don’t know what other dogs weigh, but I gotta be at least 8 pounds now.  Finally, I wanna give OPR a shout out for taking care of me until my family came along.  I’m the happiest pup around!

Tressel now Molly  

After I was adopted I discovered that not only did I have a new home, but I also have a sister and 2 brothers, plus, a big black and white dog and a cat live with me – they’re all fun to play with.  We are a happy family and I especially enjoy all of the shoes they have.  I like to play hide and seek with them but sometimes my humans don’t have as much fun as I do with that game.  I’m big enough now that it’s hard to carry me around much but it’s fun to climb all over everyone and lick their necks to make them giggle when they play on the floor with me.  I really love my new family and give them hugs every day.  And even though I can be a handful sometimes, I know they love me a lot, too.  Plus, I hear I’m really cute!


Hi:  Just wanted to let you know how happy I am in my new home in Fairview Park, Ohio!  I have adjusted very well, and love my new owners, Kim and Colin.  I am now six months old, and love to run around my backyard through the snow.  I was trained on Invisible Fence, and no longer have to be hooked up to the leash!!!  I love chasing squirrels, and looking at the deer that sometimes come into the yard!   I love going for walks in the neighborhood and park, and am always picking up branches and sticks and carrying them in my mouth.  I always seem to find a piece of gum too, but Kim and Colin don't really like when I do that!  I have two dogwalkers (Aunt Kathy and Aunt Nee Nee), who come visit me and take me to the park.  I love playing with my cousin, Tippy, and going to the park and running with her.  We play tug of war with her toys too, and I am constantly trying to steal them away from her.    I read my sister Molly's story, and see that she, too, loves to chew on shoes!  Just like me!!  I am constantly taking Kim and Colin's slippers and tennis shoes, but they do not like it very much!  I love to cuddle with them and lick their faces!!!  Thanks to Amy for taking such good care of me when I was a little pup---she sure did a great job training me!!  I get alot of love from my new family, and couldn't be happier!  Thanks OPR!!! 

 Love, Beanie


Here I am, sporting my first hair cut!  I think I’m looking really cute!  Bailey has made herself feel right at home since day one, back on November 15th.  She and her “brother, Bo” have become fast friends, enjoying games of tug-o-war with each other.  We are still housebreaking her but she does like being outside, and has no problem walking thru large snow piles in order to explore.  She is very energetic and can be a real spitfire as well!  We enjoy watching her coax Bo into playing or giving up a toy he may have at the time.  Bailey loves to run around the house, still likes chewing on fingers and is as sweet as can be when she is relaxed and ready to sleep!  We are grateful to have Bailey in our home and in more so, in our hearts!


Hi there!  I just wanted to let you know that I am doing wonderful in my new home. My new parents adore me and consider me part of the family now.  I’ve learned a lot of new things since I was adopted back in October.  It took me a while to conquer the stairs, but now I can race up and down them.  I play with my brother Spike all of the time… he’s a cat, so he’s still getting used to me!  I also like to visit my cousins…they’re puppies like me, so they can play all day.  I really love all of my new toys here.  My parents say I have way too many, but I don’t think so.  I also like to run in the backyard and go on walks around the neighborhood… the longer the better! My family and I just moved to northeast Ohio and I absolutely love to play in all of the snow here.  I always enjoy going on rides in the car too… I can finally see out of the window now!  My parents can’t believe how fast I’m growing, but I still love to sleep on their laps and snuggle with them in the bed at night.  Thank you, OPR, for taking such good care of me and helping me find my new family.  I couldn’t be happier in my new home!





Just some pictures of me at my happy home, notice even the grandson loves me.  We play military all the time.  I am happy, well trained, and very loved!!!! I love to snuggle with my new family, so close I sometimes almost push them off the couch.  I love playing with toys and going for long walks. 

I'll send some more pics later.....   OLIVIA CRAMER  

Dear Friends at Ohio Puppy Rescue,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm all settled in here with Mommy & Daddy, as a matter of fact I RULE the house and have them both completely wrapped around my little paw. I'm full grown now at  29 pounds, although I seem to think I'm the biggest dog on the block! It didn't take me long to become housebroken and learn all my tricks like, sit, lay, shake, rolling over and sitting ptty, I even give kisses on command! I graduated from puppy school where I met lots of other puppies and learned to show off and earn treats. I've made lots of new friends, the whole family just adores me and Mommy & Daddy have lots of friends with dogs so I get to play with other pups all the time. I also get to sleep over at Mamaw & Papaw's house sometimes and that means lots of running in the yard with my Uncle Scooter and plenty of extra treats.

My favorite thing to do with Mommy is cuddle. Every night when she goes to bed I jump into bed with her and tunnel my way all the way under the blankets. I also love to have my belly rubbed and she always tells me how handsome I am. I'm Mommy's little baby, and she loves me VERY much! With Daddy I love to fetch my ball and take walks and jogs. I'm daddy's best buddy and he loves me VERY much! It makes both Mommy and Daddy laugh that whenever I meet someone new I immediately roll over on my back for a belly rub, I'm very friendly and love the attention.

These days I'm just a happy, energetic, spoiled little puppy, and I'm excited because I know that one day Mommy and Daddy will bring me home a brother or sister pup from Ohio Puppy Rescue that I can play with!!!

Thanks for ALL you did for me and Mommy and Daddy!


Casper Hi I am Casper, formerly Buxton.  I was adopted Nov. 14, 2008 by my new family and now live in Beverly, Oh.  I am so happy and having alot of fun in my new home.  I have a sister, Bonnie, and we get along really better now.  At first I think I was annoying her a little, and now she has a lot more patience with me and we share toys, food, and space.  Bonnie, sure helped me with my potty training, cause everytime she went out I went out with her, we are really close.  I still have my moments, but am learning that outside is the place for bathroom visits and not in the house.  Thats a no no.  I have had two haircuts since I have been here at my new home.  I was a little shy at first with my groomer, but now, I enjoy the attention and the bathtime.  I have gained some weight, now I am 13 pounds and my body is a little longer, guess thats good, cause I gained weight.  I get alot of exercise and love to run around my favorite tree in the backyard, it is my special racetrack, but I really like it when I go for walks and get to see exciting new things.  I need to do better on the leash, but my dad is really patient with me and is gradually getting me to walk better and not to pull sooo much.  Hey, I am a puppy and want to explore the outdoors what can I say?What a lucky guy I am, I am loved alot, and have a special place in my familys' hearts. We have so much fun and I get to use up alot of energy, cause I have so much love to give and so much to share.  I wish for all my paw pals to have what I have and to experience a life of love and happiness.
Naomi, now Heidi

Hey everybody it’s me Heidi! I arrived at my new home in Plain City on March Friday the 13th but I’ve had nothing but good luck! My new mom and dad provide me with lots of toys, blankets and treats! I am extremely personable and have not met a person who hasn’t commented on how cute I am. I learned to climb up and down stairs early on and love to run figure eights around the house. I have a great yard where I like to relax and play, as well as watch nature. I am quite the bird watcher. I also don’t mind taking baths and will jump into the tub. I am always interested in where my brothers and sisters ended up and hope they are happy too!  That’s all for now! 




After a rough start ,things are settling down with my new family.  I have a big sister, Bella, to show me the ropes.  She acts like my mom sometimes but that’s OK because we’ve become good friends and playmates.  My parents give us lots of neat things to chew on but my favorites, as you can see in the picture, are Bella’s ears.   I get confused sometimes because my parents feed me really good food every day but my mom keeps saying “Chester stop growing, your big enough”!  She says I am now past 11 pounds.  Another great thing about this family is I get to go for bicycle rides with my mom in a basket on the front of her bike.  The wind in my fur and all those great smells…ahhhh!  My dad says it reminds him of the wizard of OZ whatever that is.  Well we are off to Columbus to visit my cousins Rocco and Ruby the Boston Terriers and something called a grandchild.   Chester

Pixel, formerly Dink Pixel 2

Hi, my name is Pixel (formerly "Dink"). My story begins approximately six months ago at a puppy mill. Among many other male pups, I was sold at an Ohio Amish auction. Lucky for me, a super nice lady purchased me. Right then, I knew I was going somewhere safe, somewhere where someone would love me.  This lady then gave me to my foster mommy, who told care of me and my brother "Chip". Together, we enjoyed a nice big backyard, plenty of good food and fresh water, and most importantly, a lot of love.  One day, my foster mommy said that she found my new mom. She described her as someone who would love me and take care of me forever and ever. I always knew that one person was out there; the perfect owner that would not only take care of me, but spoil me with the love that all of the love and attention that I had only seen on TV shows and Disney movies.  A few days later, my new mommy Stephanie came to visit. We hit it off right away. She even had a doggy seat waiting for me in her car. She drove me home, where I was able to meet my new best friend Gizmo and our pet Sicily, who is our kitty cat that we often like to tease. Together, we are one happy family. We do almost everything together; we even went camping last month!  While my past still seems like a dream, I am extremely grateful to the Ohio Puppy Rescue for saving me. Without their help, love and support, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet my new mommy. Thank you so much! We appciate all you do.  

Love, Pixel

Tyson, aka Glenn

On the day I got adopted and I met my family, I was a little scared at first. It only took me ten minutes to warm up to them though. When I did, I started playing with my new squeaky toy with mommy, sissy, and brother. That was fun. That night is when I moved into sissy’s room and that is where I sleep as of today. The next day daddy and sissy took me to get a new collar and they bought me a new treat and I chewed on it all the way home. When I got home I had a bath, which I really didn’t like, but hey I got treats afterwards so now I love baths! Love Tyson

Snowball 2

Well I'm all set for the cold weather now. Mom keeps talking about Snow and how she might lose me in it when I go outside so she bought me this new sweater.  I'm still a little guy but I do make her laugh a lot with the things I do.  We are a perfect match.  I love going on rides in the car, I have a carseat that I can look out the window from and see what this big world has to offer.  Life is good......thanks to OPC and my new mom.  Thinking about adopting?  From my point of view............I was worth it  because I filled a void in my mom's life.  


Bella, once Ruby
My new name is Bella because i am told i am so beautiful but when I am in trouble they call me Bella Ruby. I want to thank Ohio Puppy Rescue for saving me from the puppy mill. I now live in a house with a big yard have a Mom and Dad who adore me even with my issues, i have a few but I am in school and doing really well they tell me. I have a pool on my porch for hot days and a friend next door who comes and we have play time. My new Mom has grandkids who come and play to and i really like those days I sleep good when they leave I get to sleep in the big bed with my Mom and Dad I cried so hard they gave in the first night and i am still there. I like my new life and wish it for all my puppy friends. Thanks again Ohio Puppy Rescue Bella
Billy, now Ollie Hi OPR, It's me Oliver (aka "Ollie", formally known as Billy.)   Boy! A lot has changed for me in the last month!  I got adopted by my new Mom. And I have a big brother!  His name is Bailey and we're best buddies already!  We play together all the time.  He shares all his big boy toys with me, but I like to have ALL the toys ALL the time.  I have 2 wiener dogs that are my peeps too!  My Mom had an adoption party for me the night I got home and her friends brought me toys and treats!  It was fun.  My Uncle and Grandparents say I'm the cutest thing they have ever seen (but don't tell Bailey.)  I'm doing so-so in my potty training, but am starting to do better with my crate.  I hardly cry at all any more.  Well, that is all for now.  Take care OPR, and thanks for finding my new Mommy for me. Love and Puppy Kisses, Ollie
Ellie (Marta)

Ellie Shaw here....reporting live from my new home!  My family loves me (actually it's more like worship), and I couldn't be happier.

My potty training is going great.  No accidents, other than an excited little tinkle when my older brother comes home for a visit.  Mommy says it's ok, because she feels the same way.

I am grateful to Bonnie and OPR for placing me with my new family.  I now truly understand the meaning of the word "happy".

Laurel, now Maggie Hello
My Foster Parents from the Ohio Puppy Rescue  originally named me Laurel, but I now go by Maggie.  I am a rescue puppy from one of those scary puppy mills.  I want to thank OPR for saving me from living in a 2x3 cage all day.My new mom flew in all the way from Toronto Canada to pick me up.  I  got to fly on a plane & now live in a giant house with lots of toys and cousins to play with.  The street I live on has lots of dogs to play with, they are way bigger than I am too.  I think that Im the smallest of them all - But Im not afraid – I love the bigger dogs.  My mom says that I have “big dog syndrome”   but I don’t think so.   I just like to jump at them and bark load.  When I run around, I run so fast that they cant catch me.  Its really funny to watch them try. I just got back from the groomers.  Its my second time there.  I love to get washed & all dressed up.  My boy cousins make a big fuss when I come over with bows in my hair, they do not like it.  They say they are embarrassed to walk me – but then I give them my sad puppy dog face staring up at them with my big giant eyes – they cant resist me!  It works all the time….with everyone!  Its so easy to get what I want and I don’t even have to speak.   I am so excited, I just graduated from puppy classes.  I was taught how to sit, lay down, stay, and a few other tricks.  I like doing the tricks because I get yummy treats – dried liver & green peas are my favorite.     I want to thank OPR to adopting me out to my mom in Canada.  She spoils me with so many hugs & kisses.   I couldn’t have asked for a better place to live.
Big Hugs & Kisses…..Maggie 

My Dad & Me !

August 7, 2009 was at first a bitter/sweet day. I had to leave my brother & sister, Rudy & Pipsie. However, I met my new dad. I could only hope that my future would be better than my humble beginnings in an Amish hog barn in northeastern Ohio. I soon realized that I couldn't have been luckier.

My dad is the best & we have become best buddies. I also have two new brothers & a sister. They have weird barks, more like meows, but I love them, just like my dad. We help & comfort each other during hard times & play & have fun during good times. I hope Rudy & Pipsie are as happy, lucky & as loved as I am.

Chip, now Kasey Hi Everyone!
My name is Kasey but I was known as Chip when I was at OPR. Let me just tell you that I am just enjoying life! I have to admit that the first few months of my life made me wonder what the big deal was. I certainly didn't think it was all that great being stuck in a cage, never getting to run around, feel the grass, stretch my legs, chase my siblings or a ball and never being able to curl up next to a human and have my belly rubbed or feel what it was like to be loved.  Then I met Bonnie and my world changed! I learned what freedom was, what it felt like to run around and play, what a squeaky toy was and what it felt like to be loved....and cared for! In my opinion it just didn't get any better than this! But it did! These wonderful people came one day and I learned that they were going to be my new parents! I was a little leary at first even though I really liked them. I was really loving my new life and to be honest prior to meeting Bonnie my experience with humans hadn't been all that great. I could tell they were great people though and that they fell in love with me instantly. By the time we got home though I was in love with them...and my new brother! His name is Gizmo, he's a pom like me and he too was a rescue. How cool is that?  I love my new life and my new home! And I love my new backyard...not only is it big so I can run to my hearts content...it has all these really great things in it! Things like sticks, rocks, bugs, worms and did I mention it has sticks? I love sticks!!  I have all these new squeaky toys and boy do Gizmo & I love to play with those. My fav though are the bully sticks (sticks again!). We have all these rooms we get to run around in and we have so much fun! In fact, Mom says we think the living room is our own personal jungle gym...up, down, over and under. We play hide and seek a lot! Fun! Mom also says that she doesn't have to pay to see comedy...she has her own personal comedy entertainment right here at home! I've learned all kinds of new tricks that I love to do because, well...we get treats!  Bed time is one of my favorite times though. Gizmo & I have a great gig going on here and mom & dad are none the wiser! What we do is, we go to bed with daddy and we get our bellies rubbed. Then after mom lets us out again, we go to bed with her and get our bellies rubbed again! Sneaky, huh? I also like mornings a lot. Me & dad like to get up early (Gizzie & mom like to sleep in) and I get to have alone time with dad. I get to sit up on his lap while he has coffee and we just "talk" while he rubs my back. (I told ya...it's a great gig!)  I have lots of new cousins too. Most of whom are rescues. In fact, one of them, Little Lucy (formerly Goldie) was rescued by OPR! You should see it when we all get together! What a crazy time...10 of us all in one house! Now that's a good time! (maybe not so much for the humans!)  Yep...I have a great life! I am loved very much by my family (dad says "spoiled") and I very much love them! It's going to get even better because we just bought a motor home and we are going to travel for the winter. It sure sounds like it's going to be fun & exciting. I've already picked out my spot on the couch. Mom says she's going to start something called a blog. I'll keep you all posted!  Thank you OPR and most especially Bonnie for rescuing me and finding me such a great family!
 Petrie, now Lance


Here is a short story on my life now.  I usually wake up early, go have my breakfast, then its play play play! If my Mom has to work, I go down to the shop with her. I get to meet and greet the customers, some of the other pups want to play too! They all comment on such a cutie I am. I love my yard. So much to explore and play with Jeanluc.  Who tends to protect me! Its fun to mess up mom's mulch!  She doesn't think its that funny though.... oh well~ I am loved and have a great life here forever. We hike when its not too bad outside. I wear my sweater or coat...its does help! Matt (my Dad) loves to hold and cuddle me even though I really want to play rough~ but we do have fun too. Lots of bisquits and chewies. oh, and I am a toy wrecker I am told.  But there are sooooooo many! Mom patches em up good. I recently spent time at my vet. I got neutered and microchipped.  All the vet techs thought I was just tooooooooo cute, but said I was the loudest of all, even of the big dogs ....hmmm.  I am all healed up and ready for the next adventure.  SNOW!  oh boy.......Lance

 Lewes, now Dexter

Dear Friends at Ohio Puppy Rescue,

I Just wanted to let you know that I'm all settled in here with Mommy and new brother, as a matter of fact I RULE the house. I love to romp around with my brother Riley, though he is still getting used to my high level of activity.  I'm still growing- up to 8 pounds already!  although I seem to think I'm the biggest dog on the block! I give kisses on command! I've made lots of new friends, the whole family just adores me & mommy has lots of friends with dogs so I get to play with other pups all the time. I also love to snuggle under the covers when i sleep- which i think helps keep my mom extra warm :)

Love Dexter

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